Monday, July 02, 2012

Intelligent Smart Approach to Design an Automatic Featured Car

Intelligent vehicles enhance the safety and convenience for both the drivers and passengers. An intelligent vehicle uses various intelligent sensing and control algorithms to assess the vehicle’s environment and assist the driver with safe driving. These algorithms include the collision warning system that allows the driver to avoid a collision. Because of the ability to enhance the safety and convenience, intelligent vehicles becomes a crucial research area for the intelligent transportation system Car headlights are among the most efficient safety measures available. Studies have shown that the accident rate is 1.5 to 2 times higher during night-time than in daylight. The general trend in the Westernized world has been a decrease in road casualties, although the impact that road deaths and injuries have on society is still too great technology can be used to make vehicles that allow
a much greater level of vehicle automation to take place. These changes will also mean a much greater interaction between the driver, the road environment, the vehicle, and other vehicles using the transport system.
All the steps taken towards automation of vehicles, reduces the instances of driver error, which is a contributory factor in at least 9 out of every 10 road accidents. Technology supports a driver in different ways and at different times depending on the vehicle or circumstances, and there are many potential interventions to prevent an accident that can be implemented up until the point at which the accident occurs. There are areas of passive safety in which improvements can be made, such as safer vehicle drive system which has automatic headlights and wipers and anti-collision system and vehicle-to-vehicle compatibility. However, progress in this field is expected to slow and any future work about passive safety is likely to be based around enhancing and developing existing technology rather than new design initiatives.

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