Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What is Mulliner to do with Bentley Motors

Situated within the Bentley facility at Crewe, England, Mulliner could be called the last bastion of coachbuilding in the 21st Century.
Here Bentley continues to cherish the proud Mulliner tradition of handcrafted excellence, passed down over generations. Over a hundred specialists ply their trade at Mulliner; coachbuilders alongside coppersmiths, electronics specialists alongside cabinetmakers. All are world-class craftspeople whose sole purpose is the realisation of the personal vision of the individual Bentley customer.
Over 90% of Bentley Arnage are fitted with bespoke features from Mulliner. This could be something as simple as a refrigerated bottle cooler, or an embroidered personal design on the leather hide. Or it could be as radical as an entirely new body-style, extended wheelbase or a fully-functional mobile office.With Bentley Mulliner’s scope nearly as wide as it's customers’ imaginations, it's little wonder that an Arnage owner once exclaimed that it was ‘like having your own private car company’.
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