Sunday, March 29, 2020

Giraffe House is a wildlife awarness centre in South Africa.

Recently My brother-in-law went to Cape Town,South Africa for his official work.He went to many places near cape town.Giraffe House is one such place.It is near to Cape Town or Paarl,which ever route you are coming from.It is a wildlife awarness centre.It is full of Africa's wonderful wildlife and bird species.Gerry,is a hand reared giraffe here. Giraffes can reach almost 6 m and are therefore the tallest land mammals on earth? Gerry is accompanied by other animals that are part of Giraffe House wildlife educational programs. The mammals present at this place are : Vervet Monkey, Meerkat, Eland, Bontebok, Giraffe, Cape Grysbok, Grey/Common Duiker, Blue Duiker, Springbok, Impala, Zebra,Warthog, Serval Cats,Caracal ,Bat-Eared Fox, Cape Fox Black Backed Jackal,Farmyard animals The reptiles at this place are : South African Tortoises, South African Snakes, Nile Crocodile The Birds at this place are represented by : Ostrich, Blue Crane, White Storks, Lovebird, African Parrots, Cape Teal Red-billed Teal, South African Ducks, Spurwinged Goose,African Starlings It is open 7 days a week normally from 9 AM to 5 PM. Here is the link of site : #giraffehouse #Giraffe #southafrica

Sunday, February 23, 2020

What will be the impact of Trump's Arrival in India on the share market

US president Donald Trump will be arriving in India in a few hours.The euphoria created by media is making it an event of a lifetime.Like the most gujrati people our prime minister is also fascinated by the US.Trump is very unpredictable guy.But Modi will be able to manage him in a positive way for himself and his party.
Indian Media as usual will be praising the US president.I have an opinion that this week the market will be in a positive mode.
Any small trade deal will be highlighted by the Indian Media.The sentiments are very positive and this will be helpful for the share market.
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