Thursday, December 02, 2010

World's Most Beautiful Cars

Bentley Mulsanne
Mulsanne is inspired by the company founder W.O. Bentley's crowning achievement, the 8-liter auto first shown at the 1930 London Motor Show. A 6 3/4-liter, V8 engine gets 505bhp; inside, exotic woods, leather hides and solid stainless-steel brightware are hand-crafted for maximum luxury

Aston Martin Rapide

The front mid-mounted 6-liter V12 engine produces 470 bhp, with a 0-60 mph time of 5.1 seconds. The engine is hand-built in Köln, Germany, and features a six-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic transmission.

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
The 4.7-liter, V8 engine gets 444 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. Each angle on the front and sides of the car was calibrated to ensure the most efficient airflow around the car, Alfa says, and it shows: It'll do 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and 0 to 100 mph in 9.7 seconds.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Meet the new 2011 Lincoln MKX

With its prominent new Lincoln split-wing grille, oval chrome exhaust tips and dynamic lines, the 2011 Lincoln MKX creates a striking image.

Inside, luxury abounds. Standard leather-trimmed seats and available wood-trimmed accents come together to create a rich ambience. Lincoln MKX features standard heated and cooled front seats. It is the only vehicle in its class to offer these seats as a standard feature.A heated steering wheel is also available to keep your hands warm in the coldest of weather.

Perhaps what stands out most in this vehicle are all of its advanced features. There's standard MyLincoln Touch™ that, combined with the SYNC® in-car connectivity system, will forever change the way you interact with your vehicle. Manage your phone, entertainment, climate and available navigation features by using the intuitive steering wheel controls, eight-inch LCD touch screen or via voice commands. Available adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support automatically adjusts your speed to help maintain a preset distance from the vehicle in front of you. The available Navigation System with SIRIUS Traffic™ and SIRIUS Travel Link™ not only gives you turn-by-turn directions, but also provides traffic alerts, gas prices, weather forecasts, sports scores and more.

The 2011 Lincoln MKX excels in the performance category, featuring best-in-class standard 305 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque.† Plus, it delivers unsurpassed EPA-estimated FWD 18city/25 hwy mpg.

The World Of Green Cars

Before the start of 2011 the first mass-market electric vehicles are about to go on sale in selected cities, kicking off the beginning of a wave of new green vehicles.
The Chevrolet Volt, from General Motors and the Leaf, from Nissan both launching in December, are just the beginning of the electrification trend. At least eight hybrids and 12 plug-in electric cars in every price range are planned for 2011, with another batch of electric vehicles (EVs) expected in 2012.

The rollout of these vehicles will be regional, starting with California and a handful of other states, including New York, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee, among others. It could be several years before EVs are readily available across America. Each employs different powertrain technologies, so it pays to do your research at sites like or
But here are the basics:
A hybrid, as the name suggests, uses both a gasoline engine and electric motor to power the car, switching back and forth as necessary. A plug-in hybrid is similar, but comes with a larger battery that allows the vehicle to travel solely on electric power for short hops, but not for long stretches. An extended-range electric vehicle, like the Volt, can go up to 40 or so miles on electricity, after which a small gasoline motor kicks in to recharge the battery and keep driving. A pure EV, like the Leaf, runs solely on electricity and needs to be recharged every 100 miles or so.

When it comes to hybrids, Toyota's Prius is the only one anyone ever really talks about, so it might surprise you that there are 27 other hybrid models already on the market today, including hybrid versions of the BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class and Lexus LS.

Many more are coming. They include luxury cars like the recently introduced Porsche Cayenne S hybrid SUV, which, at $67,700, sells for about $4,000 more than the gasoline version of Porsche's bestselling vehicle, and the Lexus CT 200h compact, due in early 2011, which is aimed at a younger, Gen-X crowd, and will likely be priced under $32,000.
German carmakers, which had been trying to steer more Americans to clean diesels, are now making a big push on hybrids and plug-ins, too. A hybrid version of the Volkswagen Touareg SUV comes out next month, followed by a hybrid VW Jetta small car in 2012.

Meanwhile, virtually every carmaker, including many industry newcomers, is working on some sort of electric plug-in car, though not every company is ready to take them into the mass market. They're rolling them out slowly, to utilities and government fleets, until there's a charging network that can support them.

Some exceptions: The Coda sedan is an electric vehicle assembled in California with parts imported from China that will sell for $44,900. A federal tax rebate will bring the cost down to $37,400, and buyers could be eligible for additional state and local incentives. The car will be marketed through a unique network of retail stores and delivered to customers in person. The first deliveries are expected before the end of the year, and Coda says it plans to produce 14,000 by the end of 2011.

Another small company with big plans is Think, based in the Netherlands. It's building its tiny Think City at a factory in Indianapolis, which is expected to sell for about $34,000 when it goes on sale next year. Think plans to sell 2,000 to 3,000 of the cars in 2011.

Ford Motor hasn't even started selling its next-generation Focus compact (it goes on sale at the start of the year), but it's already planning an electric version. The Focus EV will go on sale in late 2011, and will be manufactured alongside the gasoline version at a factory in Michigan. Chrysler, controlled by Italy's Fiat , will sell the Fiat e500, a plug-in version of Fiat's cute 500 city car, beginning in 2012.

Toyota, which sold an electric version of its Rav4 SUV a decade ago, is now working on the second generation with help from Tesla, the Silicon Valley startup that markets a $100,000 electric roadster. Tesla will build and supply the lithium-ion battery pack and other components. A small fleet of new Rav4 EVs will be tested in 2011, with the expected full-market launch expected in 2012.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Best Cars of 2011

Some of the hottest cars to hit the scene in 2011 make their way to showrooms this spring.

Here is a list ,which will make you dream of owning one starting with Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport the world's fastest production car (it hit 268 miles per hour last summer in Germany) but it is also one of the most refined--with interior cues taken from its sister company, Bentley. Its cockpit is wrapped in hand-stitched soft-grain leather and trimmed to the hilt in carbon-fiber; the rear-view camera, Bluetooth capability and Satellite radio make driving to the store a pleasant experience rather than the sweat- and stress-inducing jolt provided by other exotic autos.

Exterior of Super Sport's is too hot, with bold lines that look modern but evoke Bugattis from the 1920s and '30s . At a retail price of $2.5 million, only the world's wealthiest people can afford to put a Super Sport in their garages.

Ferrari's street-legal 599XX variant, the GTO, the elegant Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro and McLaren's first-ever solo production car, the MP4-12C, will quicken lots of heart rates when they hit the streets next year.

A common thread between some of the hottest new cars is an emphasis on weight control. Almost every car in 2011 including the Range Rover Evoque, boasts a streamlined frame, light-as-air carbon fiber components or a super-efficient, whittled down engine. More emphasis on Fuel efficiency.

Porsche's latest 911 variant, the lightening-quick GT2 RS, embraces that ethic. The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is also lighter than its closest family member, the M3. The much-anticipated Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, a Detroit-made animal whose $75,000 limited-edition Neiman Marcus variant sold out in three minutes last month. The standard version will have a 312-horsepower V6 engine and will go to production in the first quarter of 2011. There will also be a V8 SS option, which will likely be priced near $36,000.

Sure the Camaro packs a lot less punch than the Super Sport, as will even Lamborghini's Jota, the code-named successor to the Murcielago coupe. But for drivers in need of an ego boost next year, either will easily do the trick.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hybrid Efficiency Meets Lincoln Luxury in the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

The all-new 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid -is the most fuel-efficient luxury car in America. It features 39 combined mpg.The front-wheel-drive 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is also, on average, more than 50 percent more fuel-efficient than other luxury cars. On top of that, the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid delivers over 700 city miles on a single tank of gas.
Lincoln has always been synonymous with luxury. In fact, the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid has more standard luxury. Features include the SYNC® voice-activated communications and entertainment system, walnut swirl or olive ash wood trim and Bridge of Weir leather-trimmed seating. This leather employs a chromium-free tanning process and can be recycled at the end of its life. And the wood trim comes from forests that are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

The 2011 Lincoln MKZ features the standard dual-LCD SmartGauge™ with EcoGuide that provides feedback on fuel efficiency and your driving performance. It has a full-color display with leaves that appear or fade in real time based on short-term driving efficiency. As your driving becomes more efficient over the long term, flower blossoms appear in the display.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

James Bond Cars for sale in London

Three James Bond sports cars – and one helicopter – will be auctioned Oct. 27 at RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London sale at the Battersea Evolution arena.

The highlight of the lot is a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in “Goldfinger”. There’s also the green 1998 Jaguar XKR driven by the villain ‘Zao’ in “Die Another Day” and the 1969 Lamborghini Islero GTS driven by Sir Roger Moore in “The Man Who Haunted Himself”.
The helicopter at stake is a 1960 Hiller UH -12 E4, which was flown by actress Honor Blackman in her role as Pussy Galore. (Its first time on film was for a 1963 movie called “The VIPs”, which starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.) RM says the chopper will likely go for nearly £400,000.

Admission requires the purchase of a £50 auction catalog, which admits two and must be presented at the entrance to the sale to be granted entry. Previews start Oct. 26.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars

A modern Formula One car has almost as much in common with a jet fighter as it does with an ordinary road car. Aerodynamics have become key to success in the sport and teams spend tens of millions of dollars on research and development in the field each year.
The aerodynamic designer has two primary concerns: the creation of downforce, to help push the car's tyres onto the track and improve cornering forces; and minimising the drag that gets caused by turbulence and acts to slow the car down.
Several teams started to experiment with the now familiar wings in the late 1960s. Race car wings operate on exactly the same principle as aircraft wings, only in reverse. Air flows at different speeds over the two sides of the wing (by having to travel different distances over its contours) and this creates a difference in pressure, a physical rule known as Bernoulli's Principle. As this pressure tries to balance, the wing tries to move in the direction of the low pressure. Planes use their wings to create lift, race cars use theirs to create downforce. A modern Formula One car is capable of developing 3.5 g lateral cornering force (three and a half times its own weight) thanks to aerodynamic downforce. That means that, theoretically, at high speeds they could drive upside down.
Early experiments with movable wings and high mountings led to some spectacular accidents, and for the 1970 season regulations were introduced to limit the size and location of wings. Evolved over time, those rules still hold largely true today.
By the mid 1970s 'ground effect' downforce had been discovered. Lotus engineers found out that the entire car could be made to act like a wing by the creation of a giant wing on its underside which would help to suck it to the road. The ultimate example of this thinking was the Brabham BT46B, designed by Gordon Murray, which actually used a cooling fan to extract air from the skirted area under the car, creating enormous downforce. After technical challenges from other teams it was withdrawn after a single race. And rule changes followed to limit the benefits of 'ground effects' - firstly a ban on the skirts used to contain the low pressure area, later a requirement for a 'stepped floor'.
Despite the full-sized wind tunnels and vast computing power used by the aerodynamic departments of most teams, the fundamental principles of Formula One aerodynamics still apply: to create the maximum amount of downforce for the minimal amount of drag. The primary wings mounted front and rear are fitted with different profiles depending on the downforce requirements of a particular track. Tight, slow circuits like Monaco require very aggressive wing profiles - you will see that cars run two separate 'blades' of 'elements' on the rear wings (two is the maximum permitted). In contrast, high-speed circuits like Monza see the cars stripped of as much wing as possible, to reduce drag and increase speed on the long straights.
Every single surface of a modern Formula One car, from the shape of the suspension links to that of the driver's helmet - has its aerodynamic effects considered. Disrupted air, where the flow 'separates' from the body, creates turbulence which creates drag - which slows the car down. Look at a recent car and you will see that almost as much effort has been spent reducing drag as increasing downforce - from the vertical end-plates fitted to wings to prevent vortices forming to the diffuser plates mounted low at the back, which help to re-equalise pressure of the faster-flowing air that has passed under the car and would otherwise create a low-pressure 'balloon' dragging at the back. Despite this, designers can't make their cars too 'slippery', as a good supply of airflow has to be ensured to help dissipate the vast amounts of heat produced by a modern Formula One engine.
In recent years most Formula One teams have tried to emulate Ferrari's 'narrow waist' design, where the rear of the car is made as narrow and low as possible. This reduces drag and maximises the amount of air available to the rear wing. The 'barge boards' fitted to the sides of cars also helped to shape the flow of the air and minimise the amount of turbulence.
Revised regulations introduced in 2005 forced the aerodynamicists to be even more ingenious. In a bid to cut speeds, the FIA robbed the cars of a chunk of downforce by raising the front wing, bringing the rear wing forward and modifying the rear diffuser profile. The designers quickly clawed back much of the loss, with a variety of intricate and novel solutions such as the ‘horn’ winglets first seen on the McLaren MP4-20.
Most of those innovations were effectively outlawed under even more stringent aero regulations imposed by the FIA for 2009. The changes were designed to promote overtaking by making it easier for a car to closely follow another. The new rules took the cars into another new era, with lower and wider front wings, taller and narrower rear wings, and generally much ‘cleaner’ bodywork. Perhaps the most interesting change, however, was the introduction of ‘moveable aerodynamics’, with the driver able to make limited adjustments to the front wing from the cockpit during a race.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

2012 CLS-Class Coupe from Mercedes-Benz

The CLS remains a captivating anomaly in today's automotive landscape, an enthralling new incarnation will be unveiled this October at the Paris Auto Show. And it promises to define an entire class of vehicle. Again.
The Key Highlights of the new vehicle are given below :
0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds,
14-speaker, 610-watt harman/kardon LOGIC7® surround-sound system
Seating for four adults in hand-stitched leather
Hand-crafted trims from Burl Walnut or Black Ash wood to available Black Piano Lacquer wood or Carbon Fiber
World's first headlamps to offer full LED capability for all dynamic light functions
PRE-SAFE predictive occupant protection system

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mullin presents rare collection of Bugatti

Peter Mullin, one of the most famous car collectors in the world, has opened his own automotive museum in Oxnard/California. The Museum celebrates French Art Deco cars - amongst the numerous vintage Bugattis on display the recent Bugatti history is featured the four iconic Bugatti Showcars: the EB 118, EB 218, EB 18/3 Chiron and the Veyron 16/4. Bugatti is thrilled to have the Mullin Automotive Museum as the perfect ambassador for these unique vehicles in their most important market in Southern California. The museum is located north of Los Angeles.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enzo Ferrari - Creator of Ferrari Cars

It is twenty two years since Enzo Ferrari passed away but he is remembered by all his collaborators, owners and fans of the Maranello marque, the man who created Ferrari.
Since the company's beginnings, Ferrari has been involved in motorsport, competing in a range of categories including Formula One and sports car racing through its Scuderia Ferrari sporting division as well as supplying cars and engines to other teams and for one make series.

The first racing car to be designed by Enzo Ferrari was 1949 AAC 815, although it was not badged as a Ferrari model.
The Cavallino Rampante ("prancing horse") black prancing stallion on a yellow shield is the famous symbol of the Ferrari race team, usually with the letters S F (for Scuderia Ferrari), with three stripes of green, white and red (the Italian national colors) at the top. The road cars have a rectangular badge on the hood and, optionally, the shield-shaped race logo on the sides of both front wings, close to the door.
Ferrari's first models were sports/racing cars quite different from the grand touring models that followed. See below for a complete list.

Starting from 1949, 166 Inter the 2-seat Gran Turismo is still popular.
The various Dino models were named for Enzo's son, Dino Ferrari, and were marketed as Dinos by Ferrari and sold at Ferrari dealers—for all intents and purposes they are Ferraris.

In the mid 1990s, Ferrari added the letter "F" to the beginning of all models (a practice abandoned after the F512 M and F355, but adopted again with the F430).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Human Powered Hybrid Car

HUMANCAR INC. creates a car that doesnot require gas,generates its own electricity,and may charge power back to the grid. The vehicle seats four and generates power through a system of hand cranks. Yes, hand cranks.The next big thing in hybrid vehicles does not come from the likes of Toyota or General Motors. Instead, it comes from Charles Samuel Greenwood. Greenwood has been working on a human-powered vehicle concept for decades, and all of his hard work is coming together in the form of the HumanCar Imagine_ PS.
Don't think that a hand-cranked vehicle would be marketable only as a neighborhood vehicle with a limited top speed. However, the HumanCar has surprising potential--a top speed of 30 mph going uphill and 60 mph on a flat surface. All of this can be achieved via human power and nothing else.
As an exercise-enabled vehicle, it is possible for one, two, three or four people to operate the bi-directional human-power interface. Alternatively, a single operator may operate the vehicle in electric power mode only – or any combination of human and electric power may be employed.

This zero-emissions vehicle is not only better for the environment; it improves the driver's health thanks to the workout you get while driving it. The human health aspect was part of Greenwood's decision to build and ultimately refine this concept.

"It was 1968. Traffic was at a complete standstill, again, on a busy boulevard in what is now known as the Silicon Valley," Greenwood wrote. "Sitting within their cars were many commuters who were overweight and out of shape, breathing unhealthy exhaust fumes. As a young engineer working at my first job at a research and development laboratory for a major corporation, it seemed intuitively that there must be a better way to move people around than this."

And with that, the concept for the HumanCar Imagine PS was born. The vehicle is street legal as a low-mass vehicle and is vehicle-to-grid (V2G) compatible. Greenwood plans to bring the vehicle to market next year but is already taking reservations on his website. A $50 fully refundable, no-questions-asked reservation fee will put you on the list for a $15,500 HumanCar Imagine PS.

The Ferrari Story

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Audi TTS Roadster

                            Audi TTS Roadstar
Priced around $50200.
The Ferrari Story

Thursday, July 29, 2010

'The Transition' - Flying Car

Terrafugia a small, privately held company has recently gained FAA approval for its roadable aircraft (i.e., flying car), and new improvements to the vehicle's design bring it only about a year away from being available to customers, according to Forbes and MSNBC.
Named "The Transition," Terrafugia's flying car takes the notion of driving a hybrid to a whole new level. The latest model features a more car-like look, with traditional headlights and even a license plate holder. Other new fixtures include an improved wing that folds up with a touch of a switch, like in a convertible car, rear-wheel drive with a continuously variable transmission, independent suspension and even a futuristic touch screen interface in the cockpit.
On ground the vehicle folds its wings up to achieve legal street-ready dimensions. The concept is for users to be able to drive it from their own garage to a nearby airport, allowing for independent, convenient travel. At the very least, it would help drivers bypass those annoying airport wait times.
The flying car will be an expensive proposition.Estimated price for a first-generation Transition is slated at around $194,000. Though that's out of the price range for the average consumer, it's at least an important first step toward bringing childhood fantasies of driving a flying car closer to reality.
The launch date will be in late 2011.
Source - Forbes
The Ferrari Story

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Luxury beauty from Porsche
The Ferrari Story

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Greenest Cars of 2010

Every automaker have been steadily releasing hybrid, electric and smaller vehicles to appeal to environmentally-conscious and cost-sensitive consumers. Ford ,Toyota,Honda which are the greenest cars.With all these new cars on the market, you might be wondering which are the greenest.
Here is a list from -The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. They looked at the fuel economy and emissions of 2010 model cars to calculate a "green score" and rank the top cars.
1. Honda Civic GX
2. Toyota Prius
3. Honda Civic Hybrid
4. Smart Fortwo Convertible/Coupe (Tied)
4. Honda Insight (Tied)
5. Ford Fusion Hybrid/Mercury Milan Hybrid
6. Nissan Altima Hybrid (Tied)
6. Toyota Yaris (Tied)
7. Chevrolet Cobalt XFE/Pontiac G5 XF (Tied)
7. Honda Fit (Tied)
7. Hyundai Accent Blue (Tied)
7. Mini Cooper (Tied)
Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Saturday, July 17, 2010

An electric version of RAV4 to be released in 2012

An electric version of Toyota's RAV4 will be launched in the 2012. Toyota Motor Corp. and electric vehicle upstart Tesla Motors Inc. will work together to develop this new vehicle.
The companies announced a partnership in May to develop and build electric cars at a recently closed auto factory in the San Francisco Bay area.
Tesla which at present sells only one vehicle, a two-seater electric sports car costing $109,000. It plans to sell the Model S in 2012 for $49,900, including federal tax credits. It's designed to travel up to 300 miles on a three- to five-hour charge.

Friday, June 18, 2010

California - CA car insurance

Car or motorcycle insurance technically provides protection against the losses incurred as a result of unavoidable instances. It helps cover against theft, financial loss caused by accidents and any subsequent liabilities. The cover level of Car insurance can be the insured party, the insured vehicle, third parties (car and people). The premium of the insurance is dependent on certain parameters like gender, age, vehicle classification, etc. Car insurance gives confidence to drive fearlessly but at the same time should follow the traffic rules. In emergencies it acts like a boon to the insurer.
With so many car insurance companies vying for customer base in the market, it is quite difficult to make a decision like choosing the right policy covering the requirement, right insurer, etc. Figuring out the right insurance policy fulfilling the requirement and being cost effective can be time consuming.
California- CA car insurance assists in this endeavor of finding the right car insurance for the users. It is very easy to find the best quote at California Car Insurance.You just have to enter your zip and get local quotes.You can possibly save $100's just by comparing quotes.This site brings the most competitive cost quote and benefits of all insurance companies under one roof helping decision making. This is the best site to get the most suitable policy.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cars owned by bollywood superstars

Cars are the favourite showoff item for celebrities in Indian film industry.Here is a list of cars owned by your bollywood actors :
1.Bipasha Basu is a proud owner of a Porsche Cayenne. The car cost ranges from Rs 65 lacs to 1.46 crore.
2. Hrithik Roshan drives in style with a Mercedes Benz S-class. This luxury car comes for a price ranging between Rs 77 lacs to 2.4 crores.
3.Priyanka Chopra would settle down for nothing but a Porsche when it comes to car. She owns a Porsche Cayenne priced between Rs 64lacs to 1.46 crore .
4.Katrina Kaif has a passion for F1 and owns a full-size luxury SUV Audi Q7. The price tag ranges from Rs 55 lacs to 69 lacs.
5. Salman Khan recently purchased an Audi A8 that ranges from Rs. 71 lakh to Rs. 1 crore in India.
6.Rani Mukerji does it the best. She is a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz E-class. With a price tag of Rs 44 lacs, the car features impeccable style and remarkable performance.
7. Shahrukh Khan owned a Maruti van when he was in school but now he is a proud owner of a Mitsubishi pajero and an Audi. The car costs approximately Rs 20 lacs.
8.Shahid Kapoor owns white Mercedes Benz and a 2010 Range Rover. The perfect blend of luxury and ruggedness comes at a price range of Rs 98 lacs to 1.05 crore.
9.John Abraham who is famous for his bike mania, likes to drive around in style and luxury and owns an Audi Q7.
10.Rolls Royce Phantom worth approximately Rs 3.5 crore was gifted to Amitabh Bachchan by director Vidhu Vinod Chopra.
11.Ajay Devgan is a car fanatic and his cars collection prove just that. Along with a Maserati, Ferrari and a Mercedes Z-class, he has recently acquired a modified Toyota Celica.
12.Toyota Camry is what catches Asin's fancy when it comes to cars. The car price ranges from Rs 22 lacs to 25 lacs.
13.Abhishek Bachchan drives a Bentley, which is a gift from his dad. The car costs around Rs. 2.25 crores in India.
14.Anil Kapoor may not be a car freak but he likes to ride in style and luxury. He owns a blue Mitsubishi Lancer that costs approximately Rs 8 lacs.
15.Kareena Kapoor owns an SUV Lexus LX 470. The car comes with a price tag of approximately Rs 36 lacs.
16.Sanjay Dutt owns a variety of cars including a Lexus SUV, Mercedes Benz M-class, Porsche SUV and a Toyota Land Cruiser.
17.Sunil Shetty owns a civilian version of the Hummer H3 used by the US military. The car costs approximately Rs 1.5 crore.
18.Kamal Hassan owns a Hummer H3. The price tag of the car is approximately Rs 1.5 crore.
Courtsey- msn-india

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley's new 505 hp flagship offers a Drive Dynamics Control system comes with three standard modes (Bentley, Sport and Comfort) and a forth custom mode, allowing the driver to configure the Mulsanne to a personal driving style. This customization philosophy extends to the exterior, with a 114 exterior paint choices and a personalized keyless entry system. The price ranges from $224,000 for the regular model to $264,000 for the long-wheelbase model.

Engraved Portrait of Richard Bentley

Portrait Founder of Bentley

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cars of your favourite cricket stars

Sachin Tendulkar - Ferrari 360 Modena
Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar loves to move in his Ferrari 360 Modena, which he got as a gift from F1 driver Michael Schumacher in 2002 on behalf of FIAT. The car was draped in controversy after it was reported that the Sachin had requested a custom duty waiver on the car despite getting it as a gift and not winning it as a prize in any tournament. Besides Ferrari, Sachin also owns a silver-coloured Mercedes-Benz and a black Opel Astra.
Dhoni has garage full of cherished vehicles, including a 2009 H2 Hummer priced at Rs. 1 crore. He also owns a Toyota Corolla, a customized open-topped Scorpio (gifted by the Mahindra Group), Mitsubishi Pajero, Harley Davidson, Yamaha 650cc sports bike, Kawasaki Ninja and other two-wheelers.
After skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh recently bought the Hummer and the feisty off-spinner says the American SUV is the dream car he has always wanted to possess. Bhajji imported the car from England, which costs about Rs 70 lakh in India. After paying the duty, the cost of the vehicle has come to Rs one crore.
But controversies and Harbhajan Singh seem to travel together and just after a month he bought the car, the off-spinner was challaned by the Chandigarh Traffic Police for plying his car without a registration number. Harbhajan also owns a Ford Endeavour.
Vice captain Virender Sehwag is a proud owner of BMW 5-series. The car is priced at an astounding Rs. 43, 00,000.
Insistent fast bowler Sreesanth owns in his Honda City Civic Coupe DX and dreams of buying as Porsche soon.
This Delhi daredevil is obsessed with cars. Gambhir owns a Toyota Corolla and Maruti SX4.
Rocket-paced Ishant Sharma presently owns a Honda City, but is looking to buy a hot SUV soon.
Enigmatic Yuvraj is a proud owner of BMW M5 and M3. The cars are priced at Rs 1 crore and Rs. 80 lakh respectively.
The Bengal tiger has recently bought a Mercedes convertible priced at Rs. 46, 55,000. Besides, Dada owns 20 Mercedes Benz cars, 4 BMWs and several other cars.
His teammates may move around in Ferraris and BMWs, but for Dravid "it's about being comfortable" He drives a white Hyundai Tucson
All rounded Irfan is humble in taste in automobiles as he owns a Mahindra Scorpio
Veteran leg-spinner drives a Ford Endeavour

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ford - 2010 Escape Hybrid

Here are some of the features of 2010 Escape Hybrid :
Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a pre-warmed or pre-cooled vehicle. PowerCode Remote Start has a small, single-button key fob that provides long-range remote start and stop. Automatic transmissions only.
The available deflectors keep out snow or rain so you can crack open the window and let fresh air in. These durable, smoke-colored acrylic deflectors feature self-stick adhesive for easy installation.
Available cargo organizers shown clockwise from the top: the soft-sided large folding cargo organizer, the soft-sided cooler bag with adjustable carrying strap and the soft-sided standard pop-up cargo organizer.
Take the show on the road with the available Dual INViSiON™ DVD Headrest System. Watch a DVD or plug in and play video games.
The available moonroof deflector reduces wind noise and blocks snow and rain, so you can crack open the moonroof and let in fresh air.
Conceal your belongings with the available heavy-duty vinyl cargo security shade. Available in colors to match the vehicle interior: Camel, Medium Charcoal and Medium Stone.
Cloth seats feature eco-friendly fabric made from post-industrial materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. The cushions use a soy-based foam that helps conserve limited resources.
The available voice-activated Navigation System provides a 10GB hard drive for storing photos, ripping CDs and managing music with the Jukebox function. Watch DVDs when the vehicle is in Park.
The available Intelligent 4WD System for 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid lets you take on rough roads and rugged terrain, no problem.
Not only does Escape Hybrid thrive in city driving, it's easy on the environment too. It meets strict Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV II) and Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) standards.

Audi - The Four Rings

At the behest of the State Bank of Saxony, which realised that its investment in Saxony's car industry was in peril, Audiwerke, Horchwerke and Zschopauer Motorenwerke/DKW merged to form Auto Union AG on June 29, 1932.
The new entity simultaneously concluded an agreement with Wanderer Werke on the purchase and lease of Wanderer's automotive division. The new group chose Chemnitz for its registered office. The symbol of this merger was four rings, the design that serves as the Audi logo to this very day.

Following its creation, Auto Union AG was the second-largest motor vehicle group in Germany. The brand names Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer were retained, and each of the four brands within the group was assigned a specific market segment: DKW for motorcycles and small cars, Wanderer for midsize cars, Audi for cars in the deluxe midsize segment, and Horch for luxury cars at the top end of the market.

To enhance its public profile, the new company decided in 1934 to enter motor racing at the very highest level – Grand Prix events. During the next few years the Auto Union "Silver Arrow" cars won countless races, championships and world records on racetracks in many different countries.
The Ferrari Story

Nano EV - Tata Motors electric car

Nano EV was unveiled by Tata Motors at the Geneva Motor Show. The car based on the Nano platform has an electric motor which is powered by polymer lithium ion batteries. The Nano EV has a claimed speed of 0-60kmph in under 10 seconds with a predicted range of 160km. It is also the second vehicle in the Tata motors portfolio to sport an electric powertrain after the Indica Vista EV, which is expected to go on sale in Europe sometime this year.
Tata Motors vice chairman, Ravi Kant said "Electrification will be an integral part of our initiative to launch environment-friendly vehicles. The Indica Vista EV will be introduced in select European countries beginning this year. We will progressively introduce electric vehicles in all relevant markets." The other vehicles on display from the Tata Motors portfolio include the Tata Aria, an MPV with prime SUV qualities, Indica Vista EV, Indigo Manza and the Xenon double cab pick-up vehicle.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nissan LEAF Purchase Process

The Nissan LEAF Zero-Emission Tour culminated on 11th Feb 2010 with an appearance in New York City. The three-month tour, which made 63 stops in 24 cities, offered the opportunity for interested drivers, media, civic partners, businesses and university students to learn more about the Nissan LEAF and the benefits of zero-emission driving.

The tour helped pave the way for the 2010 introduction of Nissan LEAF, the world's first all-electric, zero-emission car designed for the mass market, and leads up to the start of the vehicle-purchase process. The Nissan LEAF will be available to consumers via lease or sale, in a single transaction that includes the battery. Steps to acquiring a Nissan LEAF are:

* REGISTER: Interested people can register for more information about the Nissan LEAF on To date, close to 50,000 people have registered on the website. Registrants will be given first priority to reserve a Nissan LEAF.
* RESERVE: The reservation process will begin in April, shortly after the announcement of the price of the Nissan LEAF. Upon paying a fully refundable $100 reservation fee, registrants will be among the first in line able to order a Nissan LEAF.
* ORDER: Nissan will begin taking firm orders in August, for deliveries when sales begin in the driver's particular market.
* EARLY DELIVERIES: Rollout begins in select markets in December 2010, with vehicles available in all major launch markets quickly thereafter.
"The Nissan LEAF purchase process is effortless, transparent and accessible, offering value with a one-stop-shop approach for everything related to the car, including the assessment, permitting and installation of in-home battery charging units," said Carlos Tavares, Chairman, Nissan Americas. "We want everyone to feel good about having a car that is affordable, fun to drive and good for the environment."
Coinciding with this next phase of the Nissan LEAF launch is the debut of Nissan's initial global marketing campaign, which is called "The New Car." A first look at the campaign -- which illustrates Nissan's passion about the potential for zero-emission mobility and a better, cleaner world -- was shown in New York as part of the culmination of the Nissan LEAF Zero-Emission Tour.
The Nissan LEAF Zero-Emission Tour covered 10,000 miles in the United States and Canada, providing the first opportunity for more than 100,000 people to see and learn about the Nissan LEAF first hand.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bentley Clubs & Associations

The Bentley Drivers Club
Bentleys are built to be driven. The Bentley Drivers Club is the largest and most famous group of Bentley enthusiasts. The first members were Bentley drivers attending a race at the legendary Brooklands track in Surrey in 1936, canvassed by a note placed under their windscreens by one G.K. Pelmore. The first meeting was over-subscribed; a bigger venue had to be found at the last minute.
Since then the Bentley Drivers Club has gone from strength to strength, with branches from Dallas to Tokyo and from Cape Town to Canberra. The Club organises a number of social and competitive events, and provides specialist services for owners of Cricklewood-, Derby- and Crewe-built Bentleys. The BDC is now the focus of a world-wide Federation of Bentley Clubs and welcomes new members.
The website of this club is
Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club
Formed in 1957 and this club welcomes enthusiastic new members. Bentley cars produced in Derby and Crewe from 1933 to todays cars are represented. Membership is in excess of 10,500 in 52 countries, with more than 3500 Bentleys in ownership. The Club is friendly and informal.
39 geographical Sections, and Eight model Registers organise events, including overseas tours. The Annual Rally with seventeen classes judged, is the largest Rolls-Royce and Bentley gathering in the world.
The Club Bulletin covers all aspects of the Club's activities, with many services of value to members. The members’ website contains a wealth of information with search engines for Historical and Technical Information.
Visit the site at
Rolls-Royce Owners Club
This Club was established in the USA in 1951 and now has over 9,000 members. All Bentley model cars (and their owners!) are members of the club. The club offers practical, technical and historical information on Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars of all eras and all models.
The RROC helps members restore, maintain and repair their cars. They make the experience of owning a Derby or Crewe built motorcar all the more enjoyable.
Visit their website at
Information Courtsey Bentley Motors Website

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Small Car best option against global warming

Small cars will be the preferred mode of transport in the coming times the world over.The most important feature of small cars is less fuel consumption.Small cars take less space for parking.
USA and europe will be the most important markets for small cars.
The americans will have to start loving small cars because of so many reasons.Obama administration is convinced that small cars will be the next best mode of transport for americans.From ford to indian nano everybody seems interested in small cars.
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