Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enzo Ferrari - Creator of Ferrari Cars

It is twenty two years since Enzo Ferrari passed away but he is remembered by all his collaborators, owners and fans of the Maranello marque, the man who created Ferrari.
Since the company's beginnings, Ferrari has been involved in motorsport, competing in a range of categories including Formula One and sports car racing through its Scuderia Ferrari sporting division as well as supplying cars and engines to other teams and for one make series.

The first racing car to be designed by Enzo Ferrari was 1949 AAC 815, although it was not badged as a Ferrari model.
The Cavallino Rampante ("prancing horse") black prancing stallion on a yellow shield is the famous symbol of the Ferrari race team, usually with the letters S F (for Scuderia Ferrari), with three stripes of green, white and red (the Italian national colors) at the top. The road cars have a rectangular badge on the hood and, optionally, the shield-shaped race logo on the sides of both front wings, close to the door.
Ferrari's first models were sports/racing cars quite different from the grand touring models that followed. See below for a complete list.

Starting from 1949, 166 Inter the 2-seat Gran Turismo is still popular.
The various Dino models were named for Enzo's son, Dino Ferrari, and were marketed as Dinos by Ferrari and sold at Ferrari dealers—for all intents and purposes they are Ferraris.

In the mid 1990s, Ferrari added the letter "F" to the beginning of all models (a practice abandoned after the F512 M and F355, but adopted again with the F430).

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