Monday, October 20, 2014

My Special Diwali at home with the new Car

Diwali is always fun and celebration time.The best Diwali is always with your family.I don’t remember celebrating the festival away from home.Whereever,I am, I try to reach home for Diwali. Diwali at home has many reasons for fun and joy.
I was in the 3rd year of my job and got a bonus for my performance.I decided to buy a car.It was 15 days to go for Diwali.I booked the car to be delivered to me on dhanteras at my hometown Raipur.Car dealer had confirmed me delivery on dhanteras,I had taken my boss, who is also from my hometown for the booking.
I had planned to surprise my parents with the car.Since long my father  wanted me to buy a new car.He even offered to support me with money.But I had decided to buy it from my own earnings.A day before dhanteras,I got a call from the car dealer that delivery is not possible on dhanteras.I was very angry but was not able to do anything.I informed my boss about this,who said nothing can be done as I had paid not only the advance but the whole amount of the car. I will have to wait.
My leave was only till bhaiduj and if the vehicle is delivered after that it was of no use.On Diwali,I wanted my parents to visit relatives and family friends in my new car and feel proud.Now it looked my dream was not going to be fulfilled. Last year also,I could not buy due to shortage of money.This year again this new drama.I was upset.
I decide to let my parents know about this and they were also annoyed.I slept till late on Dhanteras and thought of not going out. Thinking about all this,I was upset,I had very late breakfast and was taking afternoon nap.I woke up with the sound of my mobile.The salesman from car dealer called up for apology and wanted to come home.I said please don’t come and disturb me .
Again I went to bed and was furious when doorbell rang,I went outside thinking to yell at the car salesman.As I opened the door with anger, I was in for a happy surprise as the dealer was standing with the car outside my home.He gave me the keys and papers of new car along with sweets and as I went outside to see the car.My boss was sitting on the backseat, laughing hard.Then I came to know that all this was planned by my boss.
I was so happy to see the car and taking my parents all over the town.I think it was my best Diwali making my father happy as he is no more.I still remember the happiness and joy in his eyes.My most memorable Diwali at home with my parents.

- RS

1952 Cunningham C4-R

1952 Cunningham C4-R
The 1952 Cunningham C4-R continuation car, built by American sportsman Briggs Swift Cunningham III, was test driven by John Fitch and Phil Walters. The original Cunningham C4-R was developed and built by Briggs Swift

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