Thursday, August 30, 2007

EcoJet - Jay Leno's New Supercar

Jay Leno, comedian and talk show host and Ed Welburn, GM's veep of Global Design showcase EcoJet at SEMA's.It's the 650 hp (400 lb.-ft. of torque), bio-diesel monster supercar named the EcoJet. The mid-engined beast, originally sketched by Leno and Ed on the back of a napkin, shares design cues with everything from jet aircraft and Formular One racecars, and even, it would appear, the nose of a Cadillac STS.
The Leno-Welburn love child is powered by a Honeywell LT-101 turbine engine running in a modified Corvette Z06 hydroformed aluminum frame with aluminum and magnesium structural and chassis components. The shell's composed of a carbon fiber over Kevlar skin.
EcoJet Was born with the ideas of Jay Leno and Bernard Juchli,his car mechanic and caretaker.Welburn helped them in design direction.This resulted in EcoJet.

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Shelby - one of the greatest sports car

Carroll Shelby has had a remarkably long career as a driver, owner, team manager, manufacturer, consultant, and visionary.
Early in his career, Carroll's accomplishments as a race car driver included breaking land speed records at Bonneville in 1954 for Austin Healey and winning the 24-hour Le Mans in 1959 alongside teammate Roy Salvadori. As a team manager, Carroll was a part of the FIA World Grand Touring Championship as well as Ford GT victories at Le Mans..

When his health caused him to give up racing in 1960, Carroll got out of the driver's seat and turned his attention to design. He had a vision of creating a racecar made from a lightweight European chassis with American V8 power.

The result of this vision was what is considered perhaps the greatest sports car and one of the fastest road cars ever constructed - the Shelby Cobra. The aluminum-bodied 289 and 427 Cobra models and the subsequent Shelby Mustangs he built for Ford, made Carroll Shelby a household name in the 1960s.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tesla Roadster the 100% electric car

Tesla roadster is one electric car that boasts of a 0-100 kmph in about 4 seconds-a figure many sports cars and supercars will struggle to match.The car will move on to a top speed of over 200 km/h and has a range of almost 400 kms.

At present price of electricity the average cost of fuel for this car comes to 2 cents per mile.

The car is priced at US$ 100,000 plus taxes(approximate).The next delivery of this car will start from Feb 2008.You can even customize your car.The website gives all the details about booking.

But why is it important to go electric with tesla cars:

Pollution control - Go Green

Reduce dependent on Oil

Special tax benefits

Cost saving on fuel

The tires and battery of tesla cars are recyclable.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Some interesting facts about Ford Car

The first ford was launched in 1908 and the price of the base model was $ 850.Henry Ford worked relentlessly on innovations such as the conveyor belt,and brought the price down to $ 500 in 1914.By 1924 ,the base model was selling for just $ 290, a third of its original price.
This price cut made ford the biggest producer of car in the world.

Friday, August 03, 2007

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