Friday, June 03, 2016

Germany - The land of dream Cars

Our recent trip to Germany was a dream turning into reality. I was lucky to experience the German goodness along with my wife and two children - both boys aged 4 and 8. We took our international flight from IGI airport, Delhi, India to Paris, France. After spending a happening evening at Eiffle Tower we stayed overnight In the romantic city of Paris. Next morning we left Early for Cologne, Germany in a luxury coach bus. Since it was a road trip we had a chance to visually explore the picturesque countryside, well-organised farms, lush green Meadows, fruit laden orchids and wonderful wineyards. It was an enthralling Road trip and even the kids were engrossed. On reaching Cologne, we headed straight to Cologne Cathedral which is a Roman Catholic Church more than 700 years old.
I was spell bound by its hugeness and magnificence. It is the miraculous glorious spiritual monument which survived the world war ll destruction. Once outside we took a stride down the city lanes and my boys were thrilled to view all their favourite luxury cars on the roads. They first noticed a black colored 911 Porsche and were mesmerized by its super good looks. It took less than two seconds to vanish beyond sight.
My elder son managed to click a picture of it quickly. We were just talking about its superior qualities when we noticed a bewitching yellow Lamborghini at a traffic light. "WOW" is the word for it. The moment the light turned green it literally "flew" past us and left us captivated.
A worthy wealthy indulgence, I would say! By now my sons were on cloud nine and their current vacation would definitely be there lifetime memory. In the market place they also noticed quite a few new models of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. As if this was not enough, we were lucky to see the Symbol of speed, Ferrari. It's unmatched quality and stylish design dazzled us. It literally casts a spell on everyone around. It was almost evening and we were returning to our hotel room when we happened to walk past an Italian Luxury car, the Maserati. It was a shiny jet black colored one which was a charm in itself. It had a magnetic appearance and a fascinating elegance. We headed back to the hotel and were glad to see the gleaming content faces of our kids. A super car is every boy's dream and today they could see and feel the real excitement, in Germany. Now back home, they fondly remember- "Germany, the land of dream Cars"

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