Tuesday, April 18, 2017

'Athithi devo bhava” – practised by Lufthansa.

When i bought a german make car Volkswagen the meaning of which is ‘people’s car’.The first thought came to my mind about our great ratan tata’s dream car.He also wanted to make ‘people’s car.
The aim of Volkswagen maker ,was to make a car which ordinary people of germany can afford.How similar we think.
Germans believe in quality and make things which are superior and are long lasting.
From making cars to hospitality,they are more Indian than you think.
The german language and our Sanskrit language have many similarities.
I was shocked to know the philosophy behind the success of Lufthansa,which is more Indian than you think.Lufthansa airline believes in “Athithi devo bhava” – From greeting Namaste to giving you the best services in flight and at the airport. To make fliers happy and satisfied they borrowed our age old concept of hospitality.

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